COP Industries Four Shot .357 Derringer

Volquartsen Scorpion 

Harrington & Richardson Handy Gun in .410ga (NFA Item) 

Colt 1911 Custom Combat

Colt Woodsman Match Target

Pair of Colt Python Revolvers

Colt Python (2020) With Custom Laser Work

Double Stamped Smith and Wesson Revolver

Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Leinad-Cobray Folding .410 Shotgun Model DS

FN FNC Transferable Machine Gun

Reising M50 Submachine Gun

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX - 50AE -Case Hardened

1974 One Hundred Dollar Bill

1956 Colt Python - Unfired

COP Industries Four Shot .357 Derringer

Colt 1911 Government - High Polish .38 Super

Enfield America MP45 Pistol

Nazi Marked Waffenampt 359 Walther P38 Pistol 9mm

Another German Luger, Imperial German WWI Model 98 Infantry Bayonet, and Swedish Husqvarna M40 Pistol

SWD/Cobray Terminator Slam Fire Shotgun

Walther P5

Limited Edition Smith and Wesson 460 Bone Collector

Leinad-Cobray Model MR .410/45LC Pepperbox.

RBP Industries M10 Open Bolt Mac 10 45ACP

Kimmel Industries AP-9 Pistol

Waffenamt Marked 655 German Luger